First time to take the Jeepney

My first time taking the Jeepney, I choosed the seat beside the driver, it looked safer.

Crowded in Jeepney

There are at least 20 people in this Jeepney


Wake up at 12:00, eat the pizza as brunch. The little bag tea charge me 30Piso, it's too expensive!! But, 90 Piso to buy the pizza is OK.

DVD seller

It seems legal to sell these movie DVD, and weapon!!

Drinking Water for 4 Days

The 6 liter drinking water for these days

Influence by the Typhoon

It rained 8/17 afternoon, besides that it shined these days.

Poor Dinner Costs Much

40 ->beef, 35 ->pettitoes, 6->rices


Much cheaper than taxi. "Watch your money, when you're taking the Jeepney", local citizens talked me for 20 times.

The Rider

He rode this motobike took me to the "Top" of Cebu. He charge me 200 for the roundtrip.

3 people in one bike

It seems legal here to overload the motobike.

Jeepney Almighty

It takes people and goods.

Covering Face

Go to the top finally

It's the first scene of the top, It takes 50 Piso for 1 adult.

The Inner Seat on the Top

The Outer Seat on the Top

It's a good place for lovers, especially in the night.

Survey the Cebu and Mactan Island 1

Survey the Cebu and Mactan Island 2

Taken with the Bell

the Bell

on the Top 1

on the Top 2

on the Top 3

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